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Standard features included in every new Apache LP Trucks bobtail:
    • Float gauge
    • Betts LED lights
    • Base Engineering or Teleradio radio remote shutdown system
    • Front and rear mudflaps
    • DOT decals and placards
    • APACHE LP Trucks Certificate of Compliance
    • One year parts and labor warranty
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Quote Type:
New Truck    Change Out
(check all you're considering) 
3000 gallons x 72"    3000 gallons x 80"
3200 gallons x 80"    3499 gallons x 80"
Other (specify): 
Sterling Acterra    International 4300    GMC
Freightliner M2    Kenworth T300    Ford F-750
Other (specify):
Internal Valve:
Fisher C403/C404    Rego A3217    Rego Flomatic
Blackmer 3" flanged (F3)    Corken 3" flanged (Z3200)
Neptune 2"    Liquid Controls 2"    Liqua-Tech 2"
833-0 mechanical    Veeder-Root mechanical   
Neptune E4000 electronic L.C. LCR-2 electronic   
MID:COM 8000 electronic    Veeder-Root EMR-300 electronic
Liquid Hose Reel:
Steel      Aluminum
Guides: Top roller assembly    Guidemaster assembly
Delivery Hose:
1" x 125'      1" x 150'
Automatic Bypass:
Blackmer 1-1/4"      Blackmer 2"
Manual Bypass Line:
None    1-1/4" Manual bypass line    2" Manual bypass line
Customer Pump-Out:
None    1-1/4" Customer pump-out    2" Customer pump-out
Direct Fill:
2" line      3" line
Rear Vapor:
Fisher C407 vapor valve      Rego A3209 vapor valve
Vapor Hose Reel & Hose:
None    Steel    Aluminum
Select Length: " x 100'    " x 125'
Aluminum    Steel   
Style: Open   
On remote, PTO and Throttle      Toggle switches only
Standard Betts lights      Betts L.E.D. lights
Radio Remote Shutdown System:
Single function (E-stop only)    Three function (PTO/throttle)
Other (specify):
Driver Authorization System?:
Yes      No
Tool box    First aid kit
Other (specify):
Air safety gate brake lock for Load Valves
Other (specify):
Tank Paint:
Single color on tank      Two color on tank
Cab Paint:
No cab painting (factory color)    Single color on cab   
Two color on cab

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